Hi, I’m Sharath Raju

If you are a Data Science Aspirant and are confused about where to start from?
Nice meeting you buddy, we have got some common interest here and I’m trying my best to find the good course of actions …
Come join me on my journey to becoming a Data Scientist !!!
PS: Dreams are good for health, let’s see how far can we go 🙂

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Sharath Raju Data Science- Youtube

Me in collaboration with my friend Sumanth Reddy, have created few free courses on UiPath
Absolute Beginners Course

It can really be helpful to someone who is planning to start his a career as an RPA Professional and don’t know where to start exactly…!!!

Click here to kick start your Absolute Beginners Course
(Any shortcomings, we promise to correct it all as we go forward… Thank you)

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