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Stay ahead of others - Our recently released guide provides the answers to 100+ of the most frequently asked questions around RPA UiPath (in addition to sample code and other resources).

As a result, you'll have a better chance of getting a job offer because you'll be more knowledgeable than other candidates interested in RPA positions

What Will You Get From This Book?

Most Frequently Asked RPA UiPath Interview Questions
Be confident in the RPA interview and get the job you want
RPA automation is already transforming several industries, with experts estimating that it will become a billion-dollar market and half of all software will run on RPA by 2025.

Get the inside scoop on what to expect from your future boss, your new colleagues and much more
Find out what you need to do best for your next RPA position
Learn everything you need to know about RPA in this guide

RPA Best Practices

Many Questions Around RPA Best Practices

UiPath Studio

Questions around Uipath Studio Features and Capabilities.

RPA and it's alternatives

Questions around situations where we can consider other options too.

What's Included

  • RPA Interview Preparation Tips
  • RPA Generic Questions
  • UiPath Studio Questions
  • UiPath Orchestrator Questions
  • Scenario Based Questions
  • Exception Handling Questions

Who This Book Is For

This will help you if you are

RPA Developers

It will give you better understanding of RPA technolgy and also help you know more about UiPath Studio.

RPA Business Analyst

You will be taking away a lot of knowledge regarding RPA issue and on how to handle the future challenges


If you are someone trying to get your first RPA job.

RPA Consultants

You will get to know few things that has to be highlighted when provding the solutions.

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"Excellent Book! Must read for someone who is preparing for RPA Uipath Interviews."
Sumanth Reddy
Senior RPA Developer

About The Author

I am an engineer by profession and by heart :)
It's been 7+ years since I have been working with software development and robotic process automation.

I have implemented close to 80+ RPA processes in total by using Uipath. It is so true that someone learns more by not reading something but by practicing the skill.

I have been trying to understand exactly where people who are just starting out their career struggle and understand the pain of struggling for hours trying to figure something out.I can help you with that.

Having a passion to share my piece of content, I have created step-by-step easy-to-digest courses.

My goal is to help you get ready for the future by learning new talents and becoming more productive by providing you with relevant and useful courses. I'm still learning and exploring my field of work :) Every feedback should be as valuable as you are to me, please feel free to reach out to me if you have any feedback, questions, or need any help.Thank You...