#10 Interviewing RPA Industry Leaders and Practitioners – Abhay Bhosale

I have Abhay Bhosale with us to share his RPA journey and he will try to help us in understanding the benefits of integrating RPA with IoT.

It’s my pleasure to have him here and would like to thank him for sharing his experiences 🙂

Abhay Bhosale

Here is a short Bio:

He is a Software Developer who likes to stay independent of technical barriers, whether it be RPA, IoT, AI, AR or VR, He believes these are all just a medium for progressing further and opening new gateways for more scientific research.

He is a self believer and constantly motivated to try out something new. He likes to travel new places, explore new food, new stuff and spend quality time with each of his friends. He personally believes that some day soon, humans will travel further than Mars and start residing in the entire solar system and further ahead and this will help him travel more places 🙂

Small Talk

Sharath Raju:
We would like to know about your RPA journey?
Abhay Bhosale:
RPA as a Technology can be interfaced with multiple Software, Industrial Processes, Services and Business Operations. My expertise lies in Research, Evaluation and to synthesize Technical information towards Design, Development and testing of a required computer-based system.

Along with this, I also had slight exposure towards requirement gathering from to-be clients. This made my seniors aplomb me with our company’s RPA journey and this is how my RPA journey really started. With help of professionals online and offline, I picked up the pace and further-on progressed to be an RPA Lead for my company.

Sharath Raju:
What are the benefits of integration of RPA with IoT?
Abhay Bhosale:
IoT is where Hardware kisses the Software and produces things which can talk with each other wirelessly. Software companies often face unreasonable hindrances like selecting the right fit of Hardware devices to suit their IoT Systems or while data handling or data capturing capabilities.

Hence, core software components of IoT fail to gain a developer’s attention and further results in poor integration of services and delayed deliverables. This is where RPA can be an integral part of their Software Architecture by automating processes or can even act as a Core service which does the job of monitoring, handling of incoming data sources and generating rule based alerts.

Furthermore, RPA can also be integrated with AI, leading towards Smart, Secure, Reliable and Autonomous Solutions.

Sharath Raju:
Can we have a small use case that people can actually implement within hours/days?
Abhay Bhosale:
Let’s consider an Arduino sending temperature data over a thingspeak Server port on a per-minute basis. RPA can listen to incoming data on this server channel, process this data as needed, store it in an Excel Spreadsheet and further raise an alert and send notification via Email, SMS or WhatsApp in case of any anomaly detected in temperature variation.

Sharath Raju:
What would be your advice for young RPA developers who are trying to explore the technology?
Abhay Bhosale:
Go for it!!!
RPA can automate daily repetitive tasks, help attain maximum performance withinin existing Business Processes and has the capability to lower costs which are required towards Software Development, misinterpretation of Data, inappropriate Data handling, and optimizing Operational inefficiencies.

RPA is certainly an opportunity which must not be missed by young developers.

Sharath Raju:
We would like to hear about the future of RPA from you…
Abhay Bhosale:
RPA is a gateway towards Industrial Revolution 4.0, wherein our daily redundant tasks will get automated and will help us to focus on actual real-time problems.
RPA can work faster leading to lower Operational costs and cost cutting towards Power Consumption along with a promise of job accuracy.

Usage and Implementation of RPA will eventually aid humanity towards addressing concerns like Climate change crisis, Global warming and Pollution. At the same time, Industries can leap forward towards attaining maximum client satisfaction with assured timely deliverables in minimal costs.

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