#12 Interviewing RPA Industry Leaders and Practitioners – Sudhir Seth

I have Sudhir Seth with us to share his RPA experience…It’s my pleasure to have him here and would like to thank him for sharing his amazing journey… 🙂

Sudhir Seth

Here is a short Bio:

My self Sudhir Seth. I am currently associated with ITC Infotech as a Lead Consultant in Gurgaon based Location.

I started my IT Career in 2012 and completed my BE from RGTU, Bhopal. I started working upon .net windows based applications to web and then worked on APIs, Azure, SQL, Windows PowerShell, Unix Shell Scripting, SSIS, Tableau, Cognitive services and many more.

I worked for different clients like Aon, Samsung, SMAS, IRCTC, Delhi Police, Bengaluru Police and many more in past. I had a great experience working with such reputed clients and now it is my honor to be a part of ITC for last 2.6 years.

Small Talk

Sharath Raju:
We would like to know about your RPA journey?
Sudhir Seth:
RPA has contributed a lot to my career growth. When I was working with one of my reputed client AON in 2017 , one day my manager came to me and he told me about some manual processes which have to be automated as soon as possible using UiPath and this is our business need.

As I am always ready to up-skill myself I said yes to this opportunity and at an initial level I did some R&D on RPA about its scope, future growth and market strategy. I started learning UiPath using UiPath academy forum and completed all levels of certification and in parallel I started automating the processes also, creating some small POCs to gain the confidence of the business users to show our capabilities. We successfully deployed the bots in production and also achieved milestones set by business users in terms of ROI.

Sharath Raju:
What was your project about in the hackathon?
Sudhir Seth:
Winning Hackathon was one of my dream which I wanted to live in any case.  I participated in PowerUP Automaton Hackathon July 2019 conducted by UiPath in Delhi/NCR. I attend the event with one Idea which was proposed by my wife. She is a lead IT recruiter and she was telling me about her pain points in whole recruitment process. I listened to her and discussed the same with my hackathon team. We added some more wow factors into the same idea so that we can get the attraction of Juries in initial levels.

I along with my team automated the whole recruitment process from reading JDs from email to get the joining probability of the candidates who has cleared the interviews. Our process was to first read the JD which is shared by manager to HR departments and then login to Naukri Recruitment Portal. Add new search with the JD present in email, download the bulk resumes and then categorize those in to different categories like must have skills, good to have skills and others as per requirements.

Then the bot scans each and every resume to get the missing information like linkedIn profiles. For those resumes with the missing information in it, we used Twilio API to make one IVR call to candidate and get the missing information over call. After this we send the shortlisted & complete resumes to HR.

We also get the information from Naukri profile like Notice period and no. of companies changed by candidates based on his/her experience. This information we used to get the probability of the candidate joining so that the HR can have some backup of more profiles. We also targeted those companies who hires most of the candidates from a particular company.

For example, UiPath hires most of the employees who had worked in Microsoft, Oracle in past so for UiPath the bot can target only such resumes who has background experience of such companies. Bot created Tableau reports and sends to HR for their next action.

Sharath Raju:
What are your future aspirations?
Sudhir Seth:
As I already told you Sharath, I am always open to learn new technologies and even in my leisure time I prefer doing some research about new upcoming technologies and tries to find the exact path to learn, so that I use those to solve more problems…

I found something to prepare myself in machine learning. I am planning to do some initial level certifications and get my hands dirty with python now a days. On the other hand, I also give UiPath trainings within the organization and also help people who are willing to learn RPA.

Sharath Raju:
We would like to hear about the future of RPA from you..
Sudhir Seth:
So the mixture of RPA + Cognitive + Analytics will make the IPA i.e. Intelligent Process Automation. This IPA will change the face of Digital Marketing, Healthcare, Banking and Insurance Sector. Even couple of days ago I read somewhere an article in which it clearly mentioned that the RPA has the wide scope in terms of opportunities in IT sector in coming 2020. So fasten your seat belt and ready to jump into it… 🙂

You can connect with Sudhir Seth, he is always happy to help 🙂
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