#13 Interviewing RPA Industry Leaders and Practitioners – Vipul Tiwari

I have Vipul Tiwari with us to share his RPA experience…

It’s my pleasure to have him here and would like to thank him for sharing his interesting journey… 🙂

Vipul Tiwari

Here is a short Bio:

I’m a B.Tech (Electronics and communication) graduate with 3+ years of industry experience and currently working as Senior Developer for Fidelity International , Gurgaon.

Ericsson’18 Impact Award Winner

UiPath Community Award Winner

  • UiPath Hackathon winner for twice and felicitated with UiPath Community award on event held at Las Vegas for developing a BOT for Visually Impaired people.
  • Felicitated with Impact Award for exceptional Business Impact, saving around 12 FTE headcount. 
  • Felicitated with Automation Award and Power Award for automating a rejected scope, which according to global Leaders was not possible for automation. 
  • Mentored team to ramp up their competency on Blue Prism Automation Tool.
  • Certified by Franklin Covey Team for completion of – The 7 Habits of highly effective people.  

Personally I love to play Chess or computer games in my free time . Being a fitness freak I do like to engage myself in Physical Fitness Activities such as gym , football or any outdoor games. I like meeting and interacting new people because its always good to learn from others . Dream is to have a world tour someday , for sure !!

Small Talk

Sharath Raju:
We would like to know about your RPA journey?
Viul Tiwari:
Two years ago, starting my career in Site Engineering with a Telecom giant, I didn’t imagine I would ever grow myself as a Developer. But here I am sharing my experience of what I feel is my biggest achievement till now as I have worked towards giving something back to the society.

It is often said that there is no shortcut to success, but the highway of determination and hard work leads directly to it. Being a disciple of Electronics and Communication Engineering, working in the IT Industry as a RPA Developer has always been a greater challenge for me and if you ask me what keeps me going, then it is constant search and implementation of new ideas accompanied with learning of new technologies

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Sharath Raju:
What was your project about in the hackathon?
Vipul Tiwari:
While looking around for ideas that could use automation to simplify the day to day problems faced in my organization, I came across Dinesh, who is a Senior Developer in my company. Though Dinesh as well as his wife are visually impaired, it doesn’t let them affect their work as developers. With great practice and dedication they have mastered the art of coding and debugging using Microsoft and other narrators. But still they face some issues here and there.

Taking upon one such issue as a challenge our team decided to build a software that would read images present in Emails.


The current narrators that are present in the market fail to read out the information that might be present in a image. For example, a mail chain circulated to inform regarding an event that is taking place might contain a banner in the form of image containing all the information, which is missed by the narrator.

We used Google vision and UiPath capabilities to extract the fields out of the image that might contain some useful information and convert the same into speech data. We asked Dinesh to share the mails which he rejected due to narrator’s lacking capabilities and together worked on these mails to figure out an algorithm for the same.

Sharath Raju:
What would be your advice for someone who is planning to participate in future hackathons?
Vipul Tiwari:
Hackathons are fun when you are with friends. Hackathon is a fantastic tool to force yourself to finally go and pitch your idea in front of a real audience. Most importantly, during the Hackathon, you’ll gain a lot of knowledge on how to rapidly build prototypes from scratch, get initial user feedback and quickly iterate. Depending on your existing skills and experience with product development, among other things you may also learn how to:

  • Do market research
  • Validate your idea
  • Gather and motivate your own team
  • Pitch your idea and solution
  • Find a problem-solution fit
  • Find a product-market fit
  • Conduct customer interviews and user testing
  • Build a clickable prototype or MVP in just 48 hours

Sounds too much learnings and fun in 24 hours . Trust me its more than that so I do advice you to go and experience it . Don’t want to reveal everything here !!!

Sharath Raju:
What are your future aspirations?
Vipul Tiwari:
In the short term, one of my goals is to continue developing my technical skills. I want to help brands become world-class automation industry by automating there static and repetitive working culture. In addition, I’ve been raising my hand for more public speaking assignments, since I know that written and verbal communication skills often work together.

I would love to apply this skill set to establish my value as a leader in this tough competitive era.

Sharath Raju:
We would like to hear about the future of RPA from you…
Vipul Tiwari:
To me RPA future looks bright. What a vision it is – “One Bot per Employee” With this there will be a revolutionary shift from developers doing the programming to more Automated solutioning tools. AI is expected to evolve significantly beyond today’s relatively simple machine learning to better understand human behaviour.

That means robots making decisions on their own in more complicated situations. And as they get cleverer, they would be able to take on increasingly challenging jobs, helping free the human worker up to be more productive.

But could they take on as challenging a role as the CEO?
Interesting to see , isn’t it !!!

You can connect with Vipul Tiwari, he is always happy to help 🙂
Click here to connect with him on LinkedIn

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