#16 Interviewing RPA Industry Leaders and Practitioners – Atul Gupta

I have Atul Gupta with us to share his RPA journey…

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Here is a short Bio:

I’m a computer science graduate currently working as an RPA Consultant. I have experience in multiple RPA tools.

During my tenure, I have trained many freshers and have worked on developing the RPA Tool using C# and .Net framework. Currently, I have involved myself in Hyperautomation.

Apart from my career, I love to explore new things and make new friends. Mostly, I love indoor sports and mobile-based games.Also, I love to write articles on topics that encourage and inspire people to rebuild their confidence levels and develop leadership skills.

Small Talk

Sharath Raju:
We would like to know about your RPA journey?
Atul Gupta:
My RPA journey started on 10 August 2017 at Infosys. That day itself first-time,  RPA was introduced to me. From that time to till now, RPA is with me. During this tenure, I have explored many RPA tools. To name some, First RPA tool was AssistEdge (EdgeVerve) then UiPath, WorkFusion, Automation Anywhere, Kryon, etc. RPA has done a great contribution to my career growth. Along with an end to end automation, I have contributed to developing the RPA tool. 
And my journey is going on, Currently, I am working on Hyperautomation. Hyperautomation is the application of advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine learning (ML), DataScience, Natural Language Processing (NLP), etc. to automate processes in ways that are significantly impactful more than that traditional automation capabilities.

Sharath Raju:
How to choose a successful pilot project?
Atul Gupta:
Choosing a pilot project is the most important in term of successful operation. It should be capable increasing the scope and give better returns to the organization.

While choosing a pilot project, it is advisable to select a process based on multiple factors:

1) Select a small process to build.
2) Make a process as simple, So that happy path can be covered easily.
3) Select a process which is not on the virtual environment such as Citrix. 
4) Select a process which increases the value in terms of business.
5) Select a process where inputs are digital and structured.
6) Last but not least, to make it successful, ensure the process should be passed from all possible test cases.

Sharath Raju:
What would be your advice for young developers trying for an RPA developer job?
Atul Gupta:
I would like to advise the young developers that learning an RPA Tool is not a big deal. You can start with any tool whichever you feel comfortable.

But what makes you different from others is how you take it.
What you need to focus on is the technology behind RPA. We should have enough knowledge on What is RPA, Why RPA, How is it useful, For whom is it for, etc.

You should be logically and technically sound strong, start exploring some back end languages.
Let me share my experience, when I used to take an interviews, instead of Jumping directly onto tool knowledge, I used to check few things like
Does he really know RPA?.
So, Learn RPA, not the tool…

Sharath Raju:
We would like to hear about the future of RPA from you…
Atul Gupta:
The future of RPA is very bright, it is going to rise exponentially. Here I am not going to share the facts from Gartner or others. Because you can explore yourself.

What I would like to share is Hyperautomation will take it to the next level. It is giving and will give huge benefits and opportunities to the youth and the organizations. It will add the power to the rule-based protocols, that helps to work on complex processes, decision-based processes, etc. that too more effective, robust and scalable. It will increase the productivity of the organization, as digital workers are also employees. Last but not least, there are many things to come, it’s just a beginning.

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