#4 Interviewing RPA Industry Leaders and Practitioners – Aditya Shivam

I have Aditya Shivam with us today to share his thoughts on Robotic Process Automation, and I’m glad to meet him 🙂

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Here is a short Bio:

He is working with Atos as a Solution Architect for RPA, AI & Machine Learning.
And he has been involved in designing RPA Solutions and ML application for Different Customers.
He enjoys outdoor sports, be it any.
Loves to work out and believes in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
He has a youtube channel on which he attempts to tell people new things we can do with the RPA platform.
Here is the link :

Having said that, let’s quickly jump into the conversation 🙂

Small Talk

Sharath Raju:
We would like to know about your RPA journey?

Aditya Shivam:

I started RPA a little before I joined Atos , I was intrigued with the new idea of automating Mundane and Redundant tasks , so I started exploring and happen to come across UiPath . I started its trainings and also even tried making small automation snippets.

Then when I joined Atos , I got to leverage the full scale RPA where I am currently automating and designing RPA Solutions for large Enterprise End to End Business Processes.

Sharath Raju:
How to choose a successful pilot project?

Aditya Shivam:
For me , a good POC or Proof of Value can come if you can show something related to your BAU. If you can prove that your innovation can really make a difference with current process in place , you shall have all the blessings you need to make it rolled out to Live environment.

It could be as small as just automating downloading of emails to move it to a folder to all the way to making full E2E process like generating Organisational financial statements or may be migration of data from one source to another. Totally Depends on the Business function you are in.

Sharath Raju:
What is the biggest mistake that we end up doing while adopting RPA?

Aditya Shivam:
RPA Designs are very fresh so sometimes I feel people try to Oversell it. Yes there is a lot that can be done with RPA , huge Business benefits can be attained. But RPA is not the panacea for everything, not until now.

Also before adopting RPA , We need to find right Opportunities too where you can leverage RPA at full scale.

Sharath Raju:
What would be your advice for young developers trying for an RPA developer job?
Aditya Shivam:
My only advice and I am firm on it – Try to learn RPA tools , there are many things to explore. You can get all the trainings you need to widen your domain of RPA. Make your own innovations.
If I were to hire someone in RPA , I will be more interested in knowing how innovative his/her Business Automation is and what new ideas someone can bring on the table to automate. Offcourse I would like someone who is not contented with what he has done but has a momentum to go beyond.
Sharath Raju:
We would like to hear about the future of RPA from you…

Aditya Shivam:
RPA I believe is going to rise exponentially as we see Top Leaders of IT are entering RPA now. Since it has been proven that RPA is giving huge Business benefits and opportunities to Organisations to focus on much more important tasks by eliminating redundant work.

There is surely going to be uphill road for this technology. In my humble opinion RPA will stand strong atleast for 10-15 years.

You can connect with Aditya Shivam, he is always happy to help 🙂
Click here to connect with him on LinkedIn
I hope you enjoyed the post!!!
And if you think you or your management has some thoughts on RPA that you would like to share with the hundreds and thousands of people out there and be helpful…
Let’s have a small talk 🙂
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