#7 Interviewing RPA Industry Leaders and Practitioners – Sheetal Bhat

I have Sheetal Bhat with us to share her RPA experience…It’s my pleasure to have her here and would like to thank her for sharing her amazing story… 🙂


Here is a short Bio:

She is currently working as a Senior Engineer at Landis+Gyr.

Expert at Oracle Database Designing and Development, Scripting Languages like Shell and TCL/Tk, worked on ETL Tools and has helped the Organization to implement the Business Functional Requirements on time.

Won Uipath Power Up Automation Hackathon two times (Location: Delhi and Pune).


Dancing, Sketching and doing Research work on different technologies

Also, love to write articles on topics that encourage and inspire people to rebuild their confidence levels and develop leadership skills.

Having said that, let’s quickly jump into the conversation 🙂

Small Talk

Sharath Raju:
How did you started your journey into RPA being from a non-RPA background?

Sheetal Bhat:
Well I was not at all aware about RPA till one day my friend introduced me to that and explained how it can transform my future. I started joining monthly meetups of Uipath which helped me to know more about it by networking with people coming from RPA background.

Within no time I started my journey and learnt the basic concepts of RPA in a month. I found how useful it is for making the lives easier for people by automating the mundane tasks and thereby letting them to focus on much more important activities.

Sharath Raju:
What was your project about in hackathon?

Sheetal Bhat:
So, we have won two hackathons, one in Delhi and another one in Pune.
Talking about the Delhi Hackathon, we created a chatbot in Skype using Microsoft Bot Framework in which we initiated the jobs in Uipath using Orchestrator API based on the message entered by the user and to process the user messages we used Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Microsoft LUIS.

In Pune, we chose to work on Healthcare domain and created an epic which can be used for initial analysis of human diseases. This can improve the response time of diagnosis and doctors can prioritize which patient should be treated first on emergency basis.

Sharath Raju:
What do you think are the reasons why some organizations are not yet willing to implement RPA?

Sheetal Bhat:
I believe many of them are still struggling to realize its true benefits on how it will help their Organization. Even if they know, they are unable to figure out how to start implementing it due to lack of expertise in their Organizations.

Understanding which processes to automate is another big challenge for them. This is often driven by setting unrealistic expectations from RPA and the time and cost that goes in the implementation process.

Sharath Raju:
What are your learnings you would like to share with us?

Sheetal Bhat:
I have learnt technical as well as non-technical things

Technical include Uipath and Python Concepts for Data Science till date.

Non-Technical include:

  1. Importance of Networking for your overall growth
  2. Improvement in Confidence levels
  3. Teamwork

Learning is a never-ending process and being in IT Industry one cannot just sit back and expect growth. One must keep on working hard and keep themselves up-to date as per market demands.

Sharath Raju:
Would you like to continue your RPA journey in the near future?

Sheetal Bhat:
Absolutely Yes, working on Oracle Database for more than 5 years has taught me how to handle and implement the business requirements well but now since the future is all about RPA, Data Science and Analytics, it is time to learn new things and embrace the change.

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