Uipath Interview Questions

What is the RPA Tool did you used and explain the architecture of the Tool? How will you do the Data Migration or API Migration in-case of any Risk happens in your existing automation process? How do identify if the Process is good candidature to automation or not? What are the common parameters used/decides if … Continue reading Uipath Interview Questions

SOAP API Post Method Integration in Uipath

Install Uipath.web.activties in Manage packages. Read Text file activity – > .xml file -> properties pane – > Output -> create a variable (ex name : output file) -> pass into -> output To -> (ex name : output file)Assign activity – > call read text file’s output variable – > replace relevant fields to … Continue reading SOAP API Post Method Integration in Uipath

Uipath Most important Interview Questions

Computer Vision in uipath Difference Between Excel and workbook Components of uipath activities  What is the output of Re framework Get transaction process Explain state machine Explain Re framework Re framework Get transaction process no data available where its go next step What data type use in reframework 3 Stages Simple example of reframework What … Continue reading Uipath Most important Interview Questions

Blue Prism Interview Q&A

1. What is Blue Prism tool? Blue Prism is a UK based software development company mainly for RPA (Robotic Process Automation) projects. It develops a “digital workforce” to handle the repetitive back-office processes, manual process, rule-based process, and all kind of automatic business operations for improving the performance with .accuracy, cost-effective and agile. 2. What … Continue reading Blue Prism Interview Q&A

UiPath Best Practices

1. ORGANIZING YOUR PROJECT Use RE Framework to make skeleton of your process Reliable — create solid, robust workflows that can handle errors. Efficient — create a structure that: Helps to short down development time. Helps to reduce errors in production. Maintainable — create a structure that makes it easy to update when needed. Extendable — new … Continue reading UiPath Best Practices


Use Blue Prism Template to create Process or Object In Object: Check if each page has “Attach” functionality. All the wait stages should be element waits / arbitrary waits should not exist ideally. Throw an exception on time out. Write Specific exception where ever necessary and no generic exception for an entire flow, which results in … Continue reading BLUE PRISM CODING BEST PRACTICES