1. Use Blue Prism Template to create Process or Object
  2. In Object: Check if each page has “Attach” functionality.
  3. All the wait stages should be element waits / arbitrary waits should not exist ideally.
  4. Throw an exception on time out.
  5. Write Specific exception where ever necessary and no generic exception for an entire flow, which results in throwing a generic exception which cannot be tracked /Understood by the end user.
  6. Make sure that stage / action is named appropriately (Code should not have “Recover2”/ “exception3”/ “Navigate”/” Search”) Such generic keywords.
  7. Check if the sensitive customer data is logged in Application Modeler/ data item / session logs. Example (Customer contact details).
  8. Business Exceptions should not be retried.
  9. Business decision should be handled in Process layer.
  10. Exception handling should be included in the main process so that when an exception occurs in an object, it bubbles up to the process and throws the exception.
  11. Make generic VBO for re-use. Example (Login on tool / Citrix / Web service etc)
  12. Make generic pages (Process / Objects) for re-use. Example (Retry flow, etc).
  13. Check if you handled in correct system exception / business exception.
  14. Email format.
  15. All system exception goes to (To: rpa asg / dev / delivery manager, CC: Customer)
  16. All Success message and business exception goes to (To: Customer, CC: rpa asg / dev / delivery manager).
  17. Don’t create any username/password in environmental variable, instead use in credential.
  18. Create global data items in initialize page in Objects / main page in process.
  19. Stage Logs for Enable :
  20. Information passing areas like one page to another pages / process to object / Start and End Stage.
  21. Exception Stage area.
  22. Loop Stage start and End.
  23. Stage Logs for Error Only :Mark it on error only for non-enable log areas
  24. Make use of Work queue concepts.
  25. Same system exception occurs more than 2 orders, send notification and terminate the process.
  26. Don’t maintain any static data in data item / collection, instead use excel file

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