A Detailed Explanation Of Selectors – UiPath

What is a selector? A selector is a string of characters used to identify elements on the screen.  Selectors with wildcards can be used when the object under identification (attribute value) keeps changing. Asterisk (*) – replaces zero or more characters Question mark (?) – replaces a single character Full Vs Partial Selector: Generated by Basic Selector … Continue reading A Detailed Explanation Of Selectors – UiPath

DateTime Operations in UiPath

DateTime Formats and Conversions in UiPath In this article you will find all that you need to work with DateTime Formats and conversions. Formats: Hour (12-hour clock) -> h ex: 6, hh ex:06 Hour (24-hour clock)-> Must be capital always. H ex:13, HH ex:20 Minutes -> m ex: 2, mm ex: 02 Seconds -> s … Continue reading DateTime Operations in UiPath

String Manipulations in UiPath

There are several methods which can be used while implementing String Operations on input String. List of String Methods: Length, Replace, Format, Substring, Split, IndexOf, Trim, Remove, Join, ToUpper, ToLower, PadLeft, PadRight, Insert, Concat, CompareTo, Contains, IsNullOrEmpty. String Conversions: Conversion from String to Int, Double, List, DataTable, Collection. String.Length Example1: Input: Output: String.Replace Example2: Input: … Continue reading String Manipulations in UiPath

UiPath Interview Questions-RPA

Basics of uipath: Software and hardware requirements of uipath? Different components of uipath? What is the latest version of uipath and list out few differences between the previous version and the latest version? Difference between enterprise and community edition of uipath? Describe licensing model of Uipath? Different panels in studio? Difference between studio, studio pro … Continue reading UiPath Interview Questions-RPA

How To Automate Daily Newsletter By Using RPA(UiPath) – Keyword Driven Approach

Requirement – Build Automation solution for the daily newsletter which can work as both attended and unattended without hampering the work in hand. We will not make use of any browser, drivers. This will be the headless browser automation with the help of Fizzler and HtmlAgilityPack. For this example, to extract news, we will consider … Continue reading How To Automate Daily Newsletter By Using RPA(UiPath) – Keyword Driven Approach

How To Automate A Date Picker? – UiPath

In this Example, we will Use https://www.makemytrip.com/flights/ as a target Destination. Step 1: Variable Initialization Store the Date of Departure & MakeMyTrip website URL Along with variables which we are going to use for segregation Date, Month, Year. Step 2: Segregation Segregate values of Date, Month, Year Component from the DatePicker Variable using Assign operation. … Continue reading How To Automate A Date Picker? – UiPath

Guidelines for Publishing on UiPath Connect – By Anmol Yadav

Following topics will be covered : Publishing Custom Activity Publishing Snippet Publishing Workflow Template Publishing Solution References Click here to download the “Guidelines ebook” I hope you enjoyed the post!!! You can connect with Anmol Yadav, she is always happy to help 🙂

Tips on publishing your Snippet/Workflow-Template to UiPath Connect

If you just follow all the mentioned guidelines, your component might get approved in the first go itself says Parth Doshi All the best… Click here to download the document If you need any help you can contact Parth Doshi on the below given number.Contact: +917620344502LinkedIn : https://www.linkedin.com/in/parth-doshi-2616b6127/

How To Add New Value(Data Row) to Existing Datatable – UiPath

Sometimes while working with DataTable, we might want to add new data to our existing DataTable. Let’s see how to do that!!! Example Implementation using UiPath : Step 1: Drag “Build Datatable” activity into the designer panel, to build our sample DataTable ans save the output into a variable called dt_sample.   Step 2: Drag … Continue reading How To Add New Value(Data Row) to Existing Datatable – UiPath