Excel main window dissected

Though we have been using excel for quite a long time, we still might not be aware of a few basic elements that we ignore or just don’t explore.

Let’s dig deeper into the details:

Excel Elements edited


Title Bar: Displays the current workbook name along with few controls to modify the window.
Menu Bar: It contains the menu i.e. Home, Insert, View
Quick Access Toolbar: Contains mostly used controls.
Active Cell: It is the currently active working cell.
Active Box: Contains the address of active cell.
Row Heading: Each row is named by a number.
Cell Heading: Each column is named by alphabet or a combination of alphabets.
Formula Bar: Allows you to add formula
Zoom Control: Allows you to have zoom in and zoom out options.
Page View Options: Changes the page view as per the requirement.
Application Controls: Allows you to control excel application.
Windows Controls: Allows you to control worksheet application.
Navigation Buttons: This buttons will allow you to access the available range worksheets.
Sheets Tabs: This sections allows you to create ,delete and rename available worksheets.