ExcelCult Monthly Report -October 2019

Hi, I’m Sharath Raju and ExcelCult is our side project that I and Sumanth are working on currently.

What is ExcelCult?

We at ExcelCult strive to provide quality content to the technical enthusiasts who are trying to learn the technology on their own and want to keep themselves updated with the latest technologies…

And trying to create a place where people can share their experiences.

My most favourite goal is to own a business that can have a positive impact on millions of people around the World!!!

I’m not sure when that will be (I have a full-time job right now), but the only way I can make that happen is by trying ideas, starting new things, and keeping an eye out for the right opportunity.

It might take 3 years or 5 years or 10 years

I will stay patient and will execute my best…

So Why Build ExcelCult?

As we grow through years ,we become knowledgeable and accumulate few experiences

And I feel it’s our responsibility to share them with the world around us in a way that it makes someone’s life easier…

So to do that, Whoever has approached me for any kind of information, I have started sharing my experiences with people personally through calls and chat

And you know what ?
The next week I take up a new call
It’s the same questions

So, I end up discussing the same queries again and again and again…

“If a question is being asked for more than thrice, it’s better to post it somewhere”

Because I have got just 3 hours after my day job to assist other people, I started searching for a more efficient way to do it…

Then came the idea of blogging and it has really proved to be amazing after looking at the results

I always wanted to work on something where I could do both: stay focused in the 9-5, and also be able to work on my side project which is owning a business…

After putting out content for almost 10 months , which was viewed by 50k people around the globe…

We made 3$ this month
And It’s really amazing when you are rewarded for helping out people…

Blogging has really made me go the extra mile and I feel I’m really living my dreams

October Goals:

1. Posted 8 articles
2. >18k Page views
3. Mail Subscription list : 128
4. Revenue: 3$

Note: Apologies for all the people who have shared the mail details and didn’t receive the weekly newsletter, there is a problem with the service provider and I’m working on it

I want to set monthly goals and share them with you guys. Here are my (modest) goals for the month of November

November Goals:

1. Post 10 articles
2. >25k Page views
3. Add 20 mails to the mailing list
4. No worries 😉

I know these goals don’t sound like much. I’m still spending most of my time connecting with new people Soon I will be focused on growth.

I will be posting about the status of the above goals soon!

And special thanks to every member of ExcelCult who has helped us grow !!!

Keep exploring 🙂


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