How To Create/Delete Argument In UiPath – Explained

In UiPath variables are used to pass the values between the activities within the project.

What if we want to pass the values between the projects?
Here is where we use Arguments!!!

Arguments are the containers that can be used to save data of any type based on their data type.

UiPath supports a wide range of data types ranging from text, int, string, generic value and almost any type supported by .NET can be selected using “Browse for” option available.

Let us look at…

1.Create Argument
2.Delete Argument
3.Argument Direction Feature

1.Create Argument

Arguments can be created from the Arguments panel

Click on Create Arguments to create one.

UiPath RPA Create Argument.png

2.Delete Argument

Arguments can be deleted from the Arguments panel

Select the argument that you want to delete
Right click on it
Select the delete option to delete it.

UiPath RPA Delete Argument.png

3.Argument Direction Feature

There is a “Direction” attached to the Arguments

The following options are available:

  • In = the argument can be used to receive the value into the given project.
  • Out = the argument can be used to send the data outside of a given project.
  • In/Out = the arguments can be used to both receive and send the date outside of a given project.

UiPath RPA Argument Direction Explained.PNG

Note :
Arguments does not have a scope declaration as it will be available through out the project.

Hope the article has helped you.

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