How To Create/Delete Variable In UiPath – Explained

The basic thing that we might perform while implementing a process or workflow is creating or deleting a variable.

Variables are the containers that can be used to save data of any type based on their data type
Like any other programming language, UiPath also allows us to create variable and delete variables

UiPath supports a wide range of data types ranging from text, int, string, generic value and almost any type supported by .NET can be selected using “Browse for” option available.

Let us look at…

1.Create Variable
2.Delete Variable

1.Create Variable

In UiPath, a variable can be created in different ways…

Let’s look at each of them

1.Using Shortcut Key(CTRL+K)

When ever we want to create a variable, we have to use the  CTRL+K key combination as shown in the below figure to create a variable.

UiPath RPA Create Variable.png

2.Using Variable Panel

Variables can also be created using the variable panel available, the advantage with this approach is we can have control on the scope of the variable and the default value can be set while creating it.

UiPath RPA Create Variable 1.PNG

2.Delete Variable

Situations may come when we might no longer need a variable in the workflow, Let’s see how to delete it.
Select the variable that you want to delete and right click on it to select the delete option.

UiPath Variable Delete RPA.png

Hope the article has helped you…

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