How awesome will it be, if you get someone who understands you best?

Excel has a command called


It can be your best partner, you just type two words and it will just display your choice.
Helpful in both shorthand data entry and misspelled words…

Excel has a few in-built terms which are wrongly entered many a time and it allows you to add your favorites to the existing list.

5 Steps to achieve the above

1.Choose “File”

2.Click “Options”

3.Select “Proofing Tab”

4.In the Auto Correct dialog box displayed, add text which has to be replaced under “Replace :” Label and text to be replaced with under “With:” label

5.Click “Add” button

And you are done!!!

@Checkout the example below


In the above example, we have used “SR” as the abbreviation of “Sharath Raju”, once we have typed “SR” into a cell just press enter.

Note: Auto Correct terms are case sensitive .i.e “sr” and “SR” is not the same.

Hope the article has helped you…

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