How To Use Excel FRACTION

Let’s talk about “Fraction” in Excel

What is a fraction?
Where excel fraction is used?
How to use it with an example

Where excel fraction is used?

It is a part of the whole number and is represented as numerator and denominator i.e.a/b

Where excel fraction is used?
In everyday life, it can be used in many aspects such as cooking, Shopping, split things up, paying bills and many more.
How to use it in excel with an example

Oh hurray, weekend!!!

I have just planned to cook something today and started searching for a few recipes around the internet.

Biryani was an exciting option to choose and I did.

The recipe was something like below

1/2 Kg – Chicken
1 1/4 tbsp – Ginger garlic paste
1/2 tbsp – Salt
1 tbsp – Lemon juice and so on…

Liking the recipe, I have thought of storing it somewhere.
Excel is the best to do that so started with recording the data into it.

Excel steps here…..

4 Steps To Use Fraction Number Format In Excel

Step 1: Select the range that you want to be formatted


Step 2: Now select “Number Format” option and then “More number formats” option at the bottom.


Step 3: Now select the “Fraction” option and then your desired format.
Here I have selected “Up to one digit” type.


Step 4: Now click “OK” and start entering the data and we are done.


@Checkout the example below
Excel Fraction

With many other options available such as

Up to one digit(1/2), up to two digit(21/34), up to three digit(43/123), fractions as halves(1/2) and so on…

Attention: If no fraction is applied to the cell, then 1/2 will be considered a date.

Hope the article has helped you…

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