How To Use Excel LEN Function – Complete Guide

Excel LEN function can be of great use during the data validation.

Many a time, we might be required to limit the text size to a particular length, which can be determined using this function.

1. What is the Excel LEN Function?
2. What is the Syntax?
3. How to use it with an example?

1. What is the EXCEL LEN Function?

The LEN function can be used to find the length of the supplied text, including the numbers while ignoring the applied formatting if any.

2. What is the Syntax?


  • text  = (Required) Text for which the length has to be calculated.

Note :

  • If any number formatting is applied to the cell(i.e currency and punctuations), it will be ignored by the LEN.
  • Dates will also return a length but in its integer representation (i.e. January 1, 1900, which is stored as number 1)

3. How to use it with an example?

Let’s find the lengths of different items of the given data set.

Excel LEN function


  • A2 = Reference to the cell ,for which we have to find the length.

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