How To Use Excel SMALL Function – Explained

One fine day, you have decided to invest in stocks and you want to try your hands in it.

As it is the first time, you might just want to pick a few low-cost stocks and to start investing somehow!!!

Let us see how Excel’s SMALL function can help you with that…

1. What is a SMALL Function?
2. What is the Syntax?
3. How to use it with an example?

1. What is a SMALL Function?

The SMALL function can be used to find the nth small number from a given set of range.

2. What is the Syntax?

=SMALL(Array, N)

  • Array = Array represents the data set from which you want to retrieve the smallest number.
  • N = N represents the specifies the position from the smallest value in descending order.

Note :

  1. #VALUE! error – Occurs when the supplied N argument is non-numeric.
  2. #NUM error – Occurs when:
    • The array provided is empty.
    • When the value of the N argument is less than 1 or greater than the number of values in the given array.
    • When the range contains an error in it.

3. How to use it with an example?

How about finding the top three low-cost stocks…!!!

Excel Small function data

***First Smallest Stock***


***Second Smallest Stock***

Small 2

***Third Smallest Stock***

Small 3

Hope it has helped you…

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