How To Use Flowchart In UiPath – Explained

While implementing business processes using UiPath, there are different ways to design a workflow.

Today let us have a look at UiPath Flowchart and its uses.

1.What is a Flowchart?
2.Where it is used?
3.Flowchart Example

1.What is a Flowchart?

Flow charts are the mostly used project types in UiPath, they leave us with a lot flexibility.

They can be used to build smallest to largest projects with a lot of ease.
Unlike sequence, Flowcharts can be used to build complex branching which many of them demands.

2.Where it is used?

It can be used to implement complex business processes that demands multi branching .

Dynamic web page display :

Suppose there is a web page that displays random pages when opened and we have to take the further actions based on the page displayed.

Here the flowchart will looks like the below

UiPath RPA Flowchart Example

Ignore this if not clear to you, we will discuss this later again.

3.Flowchart Example

For the purpose of example we will try to implement a workflow using Flowchart.

Exercise : To display a message box using Flowchart.

Step 1 : From the activities panel drag the Flowchart activity into the workflow

UiPath RPA Flowchart Example 1.png

Step 2 : Now will try to drag few activities into the Flowchart, lets consider a Message Box

UiPath RPA Flowchart Example 2

Click here to download the project

Hope this article has helped you…

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