How To Use Sequence In UiPath – Explained

While implementing business processes using UiPath, there are different ways to design a workflow.

Today let us have a look at UiPath Sequence and its uses.

1.What is a Sequence?
2.Where it is used?
3.Sequence Example

1.What is a Sequence?

Sequence is a simplest form of projects that can be implemented in UiPath. They are very useful when developing linear processes that does not involves complex branch structures or decisions.

Most of the reusable components are developed using Sequences.

2.Where it is used?

It can be used to implement linear workflows like

1.Application login

Step 1 : Open Browser
Step 2 : Enter username
Step 3 : Enter password

UiPath Sequence RPA 1

2.Moving/Copying files

Moving/Copying files from source to destination

UiPath Sequence RPA Example 2

3.Sequence Example

For the purpose of example we will try to implement a workflow using Sequence.

Exercise : To display a message box using Sequence.

Step 1 : From the activities panel drag the Sequence activity into the workflow

UiPath Sequence RPA Example example 1

Step 2 :Now will try to drag few activities into the Sequence, lets consider a Message Box

UiPath Sequence RPA Example example 2

Click here to download the project

Hope this article has helped you…

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