How To Use UNDO And REDO In Excel

Have you ever encountered a situation where you have drafted everything and lately realized that the earlier version was far more better than the current one or you have mistakenly filled few cells with incorrect information.

Don’t you worry as Excel has got you two helpful controls

“Undo and Redo”

Anytime you go wrong or just want to stick to the older information , Please go with them.

You can reverse the effects of the past 100 actions that you performed.

Undo : To go back to the previous actions.

Redo : To go back to the things that you have undone using Undo control.

Two ways to access Undo and Redo :

1. Quick access Toolbar 

2. Shortcut keys

1. Quick access Toolbar 


2. Shortcut keys

Undo –> Ctrl+Z
Redo  –> Ctrl+Y

Hope the article has helped you…

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