Intelligent Automation – UiPath & Python Integration: Amazon Pricing Use case

Use Case Description:

  1. Historical data of over 5600 rows of data for product items ( 5 in this case) is added into the notepad file which is then converted into .csv file as input to python script.
  2. Meanwhile, UiPath goes onto Amazon site to get pricing details of the 5 items we have historical data and has an excel output file having these details.
  3. The python script loads the .csv files calculates the price elasticity ( %factor by which the pricing needs to be modified) for good sale of this product.
  4. Using this output Uipath will take appropriate action. In this case, if price elasticity is <-1%, then it means the company is pricing the product too high. So we raise a red flag and take action from there.
  5. Presenting this output via email and excel output files for reference to respective teams.


Thanks for submitting the Use Case @vinayyadati 🙂
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