REFramework Template Explaination -UiPath

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We are going to see how we can fit a general project into the REFramework on a High Level.

Okay let’s get started…

Let’s take a scenario where 10 people are waiting in the queue to create the bank account, one person in the bank is responsible to create them one after the other.

So Now we will see how we can fit this scenario into REFramework..


As the name suggests, this is responsible for the checking all the initial conditions of the project.
In our case bank employee who is responsible for creating the bank accounts will check the basic condition like..
1. Checks the Network connectivity
2. Whether he is able to access/open the bank portal/website without any hurdle
3. Whether he is able to login to the bank applications

If any failure of above conditions bank employee will terminate the process as he cannot go forward without the bank portal/website, so you could see any error from the init state will lead to end of the process.


This state in framework acts like a watchmen and it is responsible for sending one transaction after the other and here in our process, The transactions are the persons who are waiting in queue to create bank accounts…

Once all Transactions are done, we will move to the end process


This state is responsible for creating the actual process, in our case creating the bank accounts, if it is success, we can go for the next person, if not we have any of the two scenarios

1. ApplicationException:
Where while creating the process if we have any application hurdles like application not responding, process will go to the init state and will undergo all base requirements check and if it success then it comes to process, else process will stop.

2. BusinessException:
This exceptions are known exceptions and there will no chance of success even if retry, lets consider in our case if a person forgets to bring the address proof for creating the bank account so, The bank employee couldn’t be able to create an account for him, so this person will be skipped and will move on to next person, which is here our next transaction.


This state is responsible for logging out and closing all the portals/websites or any other applications used during the automation process.

Hope it has helped you…

2 thoughts on “REFramework Template Explaination -UiPath

  1. Mrinalini Rastogi

    Hi Sumanth,

    Is it correct to say that if some application exception is occuring, and if maxretry is set to 3, then even after 3 retry if the application error still persist then the job should be faulted?

    1. Job never should be faulted only the particular transaction should be marked as the failed if it failed even after max retries.

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