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Shivani Gupta, RPA Developer

Hey, I’m Shivani and I used to work as a Web Developer which included research, writing a design specification, programming, delivering it to quality assurance and then fixing bugs. I’ve worked there for one year.

This was my first real-time job after college (Though I have worked on a few internships earlier).

During my tenure there, due to poor management choices, the loss of two resources, and no senior level engineers availability. The situation has become bit complex but that’s the gist of it.

Interesting side note is that when I was hired in 2018, the director told me that they were doubling the team in size by the end of the year. It’s one year later and all that happened was we lost two senior resources and have junior resources on-boarded.

This has triggered me to look out for a more stable environment and wanting to get out of there urgently, which proves to be a bit harder when you’re working alone on a project and it demands your attention.

Lately, I had an interview with one of the reputed company for RPA developer profile. I had the reason to believe that there is a high chance for me to get an offer. This job likely barely involves any programming and instead just designing/building automation bots in software like UiPath and BluePrism.

I love programming!!!
So my plan was to take up the job, start hobby programming a lot more, and just do a great job designing bots in RPA. My entire career has been in automation anyway.

Automation is driving a new way of working.

The future workplace will feature a blend of the human and digital workforce, also known as software robots or bots. This symbiotic relationship is expected to create many exciting, new career possibilities.

Organizations are always looking for experience as well as skills when hiring. But since RPA is such a new field, most experts typically have less than five years of experience, increasing the chances of new entrants to land a job with basic RPA certifications and the fact that someone took the initiative to seek out RPA training and certification on his or her own makes a good impression on potential employers.

As I have been working in RPA for a short while, I have seen immense opportunities for people who are well versed with RPA tools.

UIPath is making its mark and Automation Anywhere is something widespread but job opportunities are quite less. Its a very nice time to be in the RPA field, first the demand is high and second, it has a huge scope, once you are done with the tool automation which I call low hanging fruits, there will be a demand to automate more and more processes and the less skilled RPA engineers are going to get challenged.

Right now companies are eliminating the repetitive processes (BPS,BPO) and very few (niche) have come up with machines that can think and learn (IBM Watson and few other predictive analysis tools), which is going to be the real automation that everyone aspires for.

RPA is growing rapidly it is going to create more opportunities in the market…

If you are someone who is eager to learn new technologies and looking out for a challenging job opportunity, I really encourage you to try your hands on this emerging technology.

Thank You,
Shivani Gupta
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