Time saving friend Excel Quick Access Toolbar

Have you ever been too lazy to work on something and though of a genie , a magic that can help you work. May be in real life we might not find one, but excel has got you a feature called “Quick access toolbar Great isn’t!!! Lets explore it >> Right Click the Quick access … Continue reading Time saving friend Excel Quick Access Toolbar

Excel main window dissected

Though we have been using excel for quite a long time, we still might not be aware of a few basic elements that we ignore or just don’t explore. Let’s dig deeper into the details: ***Explained***  Title Bar: Displays the current workbook name along with few controls to modify the window. Menu Bar: It contains … Continue reading Excel main window dissected

What’s the need for excel?

It’s been almost a decade since I’m using this tool which is inevitable in many of our lives, people call it “Excel” and if used to its full potential, it can really save a lot of time and make us much more productive. A wide range of activities from simple tasks like handling cash flow, … Continue reading What’s the need for excel?