UiPath Data Types – Complete Guide

Data Types specify the type of data a variable can hold or store, all variables defined must be assigned with one of the data types.

Commonly used datatypes in UiPath are :

  • Generic Value
  • Text
  • Boolean
  • Number
  • Array
  • Date and Time
  • Datatable

There are a lot of datatypes available apart from the above and can be accessed by selecting “Browse for Types” Option available.

Generic Value

Generic Variable is a data type available in only the UiPath and is capable of storing any kind of data such as text, numbers, arrays and dates.

UiPath dataTypes Generic Value.PNG


Text variable can store only sting data type in it, it can be used to store text and alphanumeric.

UiPath dataTypes Text


Boolean variable can store only two possible values, true or false in it. They are very useful while making decisions to control the flow.

UiPath dataTypes Boolean.PNG


Number variable can store only int data type in it and are used to store numeric values.

UiPath dataTypes Number.PNG


Array variable type helps us in storing multiple values of same type in one variable.
It allows us to create a array of strings , array of numbers and so on.

UiPath dataTypes Array.PNG

Date and Time

Date and time variables allows us to store the information of Dates and Times.
This can be helpful while working with date manipulations.

UiPath dataTypes DateTime.PNG


Datetable variables enables us to store the information similar to a excel or database with data being arranged as rows and columns.

The dataTables are widely used in many of the automation processes as we deal with a lot of data during the business automations.

UiPath dataTypes Datatable.PNG

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