UiPath Interview Questions – Part 2

1. What is a Custom Activity and how it is created?

Sometimes we have to build an Activity(Library) specific to our Project/Client’s requirement and in UiPath we call them custom activities.
They are mostly reusable components.

2. What is a Nuget Package?

UiPath accepts the code in the form of a Nuget package. When you publish a project to orchestrator or to local drive. It is actually stored as a Nuget Package.
Even Custom activity that we create is actually packaged as a Nuget package.

3. What is a reusable component in UiPath?

Any Workflow which can be used at different places in a project.
Ex: Login Module specific to an application can be re-used and the module can be shared with the team for use rather than building the workflow from scratch.

4. What exceptions can be Retried and what shouldn’t?

Application Exceptions (System.Exceptions like Web-page not loaded or Application failed to load)
Generally Business Rule Exceptions are not retried. Business team has a rule that sum of data in a respective column should be zero in a daily report.
Ex: If sum is not zero there is no reason to retry downloading the report multiple times to check if the sum is zero in the next try

5. What is a Try-Catch activity in UiPath?

Try Catch function in UiPath is similar to any other Try Catch implementations in other Programming languages.
Whenever we surround any activity or workflow with Try Catch, any exception that occurred inside it goes to the catch block and logic inside the catch block gets executed.

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