UiPath Interview Questions – Part 3

1. What is AS-IS and To-Be Process?

AS-IS  process is nothing but the Pictorial representation(Flow diagram) of the existing process and in RPA it represents the steps carried out manually by the business team.

Flow diagrams or flowcharts are generally prepared by using tools like Microsoft Visio by Business Analysts covering all the steps in the process..

To-Be process represents a new approach to the existing process and in RPA it represents a design that will be used to automate the process to increase the efficiency.

2. What is a PDD?

PDD stands for Process Design Document. A PDD contains the details about the Process like steps that are executed in AS-IS process and To-Be process.

As a best practice in the IT industry a PDD has to be signed off by the Business team to start a process in order to avoid challenges in the future.

3. What are the different stages in a RPA Project Life Cycle?

Like any other development life cycle. RPA projects has different phases like development, Testing, User Acceptance Testing phase, Production, Hyper Care Support.

As per the company standards naming of the phases of project can vary. 

4. What is an SDD document?

SDD stands for Solution Design document which contains the details about the design that will be used to automate the process.

Few Companies call it as Development Specification Document which majorly covers the details about the Workflows implemented in the code.

Project documentation work?

Business Analyst will take of the “Business Requirements Document(BRD)”

SDD,PDD and TDD will be handled by technical team.

It is a good practice to have a step by step detailed document (i.e Key Stroke Document) of the manual process along with screenshots for best results.

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