UiPath Interview Questions-RPA

Basics of uipath:

  • Software and hardware requirements of uipath?
  • Different components of uipath?
  • What is the latest version of uipath and list out few differences between the previous version and the latest version?
  • Difference between enterprise and community edition of uipath?
  • Describe licensing model of Uipath?
  • Different panels in studio?
  • Difference between studio, studio pro and  studio X?
  • Types of workflows in uipath and list out differences between them?


  • Different types of variables uipath support?
  • Different ways of creating variables?
  • Difference between array and list variable?
  • Syntax of dictionary variables?
  • How to find number of items in a list ,dictionary and individually print items in the respective variables?
  • What is a data table how to to add or remove rows and columns,remove duplicate rows ,sort datatable ;filter datatable, lookup datatable ,merge datatable join datatable?
  • find the  no of  rows and columns?
  •  find a particular column name
  • What is the type of variable for secure text
  • List out few date or time variable functions example find out the difference between two dates ,print a particular day month year ,add months, days etc


  • Purpose of arguments?
  • Types of arguments?
  • Default values of arguments?

String operations:

  • How to split, join, compare, convert to lowercase and uppercase ,index of, length substring, contains and  equals


  • Define selector and what are the different types of selectors available?
  • How to make a selector dynamic?
  • Purpose of wildcards in selectors?
  • UI explorer and different types of frameworks used?
  • List few differences between desktop based and web based selector?
  • Best practices in finding a selector?

Input and output methods:

  • What are different input methods available in uipath and list out differences between them?
  • What are the different output methods available in uipath and list out differences between them?
  • How to capture structured and unstructured data?
  • Major differences between screen scraping and data scraping?
  • Say like after logging in amazon.in capture all the iphone models price and item information in excel?
  • Types of recorders and what is the purpose of usage of recorders?


  • How to launch web based applications?
  • How to launch desktop based applications?
  • How to navigate between two different applications?
  • Difference between set text and type into?
  • Difference between find element and element exist?
  • Difference between get text and get full text?
  • How to wait till page loads rather than element lots in a particular web page/desktop application?
  • Properties of click?
  • How to to check or uncheck radio buttons or checkboxes?
  • how to get all the values in a dropdown printed in the output panel?
  • Where and why the output of find element is used?


  • What is the difference between thick client and thin client?
  • What are the different methods we can just launch an application inside a Citrix?
  • What are the best practices in handling a Citrix based applications?
  • What is computer vision?
  • How to get API and server details?
  • If client data is sensitive is it a best practice to use  a default cv server ?
  • how to get a text set text set values from dropdown select table data in Citrix using computer vision?


  • How to split a PDF file based on account numbers?
  • how to match multiple PDF files and what is input data type for merging multiple PDF files activity?
  • how to handle unstructured data in PDF se images table data scanned PDF and hand written  documents? 
  • How to convert a PDF to image a word document to PDF?
  • How to make a PDF file secured with password?
  • what are the different types of OCR available in the uipath ? 
  • List out few properties that was used in the ocr?
  • What is the best available OCR engine you have ever used and why ? 


  • How to connect with SQL Oracle database, what should be provided inside a connection  string?
  • How to insert update delete values in a DB objects?
  • How to cancel an Excel as a database?
  • how to insert in bulk values from Excel to database directly?

Excel and CSV:

  • Major differences between workbook and Excel based activities?
  • How to handle popup running a macro using uipath?
  • How to avoid warnings while using Excel?
  • How to compare two Excel sheets filter based on multiple conditions sort remove duplicates?
  • Difference between write and append range?
  • How to handle huge data say 1 lakh rows  of data in Excel?
  • How to identify colors in Excel?

Exception handling and debugging:

  • Difference between throw and rethrow?
  • Difference between system and application exceptions?
  • Purpose of try catch? 
  • List out few commonly seen exceptions?
  • Purpose of log message?
  • best way to define the error message in the log message?
  • How to toggle breakpoints?
  • Difference between step in to and  stepover?
  • Different panels in debugging?
  • What is the purpose of watch and immediate panels?


  • Difference between SMTP IMAP and POP3 protocol?
  • How to filter mails based on subject, from address?
  • Download attachment by creating a folder and the name of the attachment based on the present day and month?

Files and folders:

  • How to create a folder in uipath?
  • How to find whether a folder exists?
  • How to rename a particular file in a folder?
  • How to handle while renaming a file when say like 260 plus characters?
  • Find a file name recently downloaded?
  • Find a file of previous day?


  • Difference between re framework and enhanced re framework?
  • Advantages of using re framework?
  • Different stages of Re framework and outcomes of the stages? 
  • How to retry  3 times though error has occurred at init state?
  • Where to change the exception screenshot folder?
  • What are the modifications required if the transaction item is data table or array or list rather than a queue item?
  • What are the different global variables used in Framework?
  • How retry mechanism works?
  • What are the default xaml. Files in re framework?
  • How to add new state in framework can we customize the framework States?
  • what is the purpose of dispatcher and performer ?


  • What are the different components in orchestrator?
  • How to deploy the orchestrator on premises and what were the prerequisites for deploying the orchestrator?
  • How to trigger about se light only every Monday and Saturday at 4 p.m. CST?
  • Difference between floating and standard robot?
  • What is a tenant?
  • How to create environment in uipath?
  • How to provision a robot?
  • What is the purpose of jobs?
  • Difference between kill and stop signal?
  • If amount is already published in uipath orchestrator and I need to add a          new project dependency package how to achieve it,?
  • How to use cron expressions?
  • How to create a set what are the different data types supported?
  • What is the purpose of queue?
  • Difference between add queue items, bulk add queue items and add transaction item?
  • How to change the status of a queue item and define default status for queue item?
  • How to see logs in orchestrator?
  • Have you ever used orchestrator through API?

Commonly asked high level questions

  • Stages of robotic process development life cycle?
  • Roles and responsibilities in your organization?
  • Components of pdd-process definition document, sdd-solution design document,     dsd-design specifications document?
  • How to define timelines for a particular process?
  • How to define the complexity and feasibility of a process?
  • Define briefly the process we have automated recently?
  • Challenges you faced while doing automation?
  • How to handle the change request management?
  • How to deploy the bots in production?
  • Best code standards?
  • Basic difference between automation anywhere vs uipath and blue prism? 
  • Different products in uipath AI fabric, intelligent document processing, task capture, process mining, insight?
  • SAP and Mainframe automation?
  • Usage of GIT and TFS?

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