Uipath Most important Interview Questions

  1. Computer Vision in uipath
  2. Difference Between Excel and workbook
  3. Components of uipath activities
  4.  What is the output of Re framework Get transaction process
  5. Explain state machine
  6. Explain Re framework
  7. Re framework Get transaction process no data available where its go next step
  8. What data type use in reframework 3 Stages
  9. Simple example of reframework
  10. What is Queue
  11. Trigger concepts and types of trigger
  12. Selectors and types of selectors
  13. Advance reframework concepts with example
  14. What is anchor base
  15. Exception handling and types brief explanation with example process
  16. Best practices in Uipath
  17. Consider the scenario one excel
  18. 4 column 1. Id 2. Name 3. Salary 4. Account no now I need filter particular name or particular starting character how you do that.
  19. Orchestrator full concepts
  20. what standard robot and floating robot
  21. Explain thin client and thick client with example
  22. Component of uipath
  23. Explain uipath products
  24. Types of ui elements
  25. Explain Scheduler
  26. we need to run 5 process at a time it’s possible if possible how you can do that
  27. what is output data table
  28. How many ways to store credentials in uipath types of credentials
  29. How to do database automation ex : sql
  30. Difference between data table and database automation
  31. Types of assets in uipath
  32. Types of Recorder
  33. Difference between switch and flow switch
  34. Difference between Blueprism, uipath , Automation Anywhere
  35. Types of workflow in uipath
  36. What is use of invoke workflow
  37. Difference between attended and unattended robot
  38. How to publish your process local machine to orchestrator
  39. What is active queue and particial queue
  40. Explain Queue status
  41. Difference between Mainframe and non-mainframe applications

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  1. good set of questions

    1. Thanks Sandeep ???

  2. Hello Sharath and Team, I would like to thank each and every one of you for providing such a wonderful service. Your posts on the website have helped me find a job in RPA.I am a non-IT background and found a job with the help of your tutorials and interview question provided in this website. Just keep on going.

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