UiPath REFramework Templates For Queues, Excel, And Mails

REFramework aka Robotic Enterprise Framework is a framework which is provided by UiPath to help developers build RPA processes quickly and efficiently.

It can be used as the starting point to all the UIPath Projects.

It offers robust exception handling scheme and event logging for all exceptions and relevant transaction.

Different business processes may operate on different input formats/types!!!

We have tried to put together the most commonly used input types like Queues, Excel, and Mails.
(Note: Please leave a comment, if you want us to add some more here)



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6 thoughts on “UiPath REFramework Templates For Queues, Excel, And Mails

  1. Suresh Kappa

    Thank You Sharath Raju.. your posts on UiPath are very much useful

    1. Thanks a ton for your continuous support Bro😉✌🏻

  2. Gaurav

    Hi Sharath, Can you please explain the different kinds of license that we have in UiPath and how to manage them and all ?

    It will be really helpful.


    1. Hi Gaurav
      We actually have one article on that


      Hope you will find it helpful 😃👍🏻

  3. Manish

    Awesome sir….Please add database input to RE framework

    1. Sure Manish, Thanks for the feedback:)

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