UiPath Tutorials

Complete Guide On How To Start A Career in RPA?

UiPath Introduction – A Complete Guide


Excel || File/Folder || Text & List Manipulations || Email || DateTime Operations || UiPath Specific Topics || Interview Questions


  1. How To Read Values From DataTable(Excel)?
  2. How To Count Rows In DataTable?
  3. How To Get The Sheet Name From Excel?
  4. How To Get Top N Records from a DataTable?
  5. Find The Max And Average Value From DataTable?
  6. How To Reorder Columns In DataTable?
  7. How To Rename DataTable Columns?
  8. How To Put Data From A Column Of DataTable To List?
  9. How To Get Only Headers From A Datatable?
  10. How To Get A Datatable With Specified Columns Only?
  11. How To Reverse A DataTable?
  12. How To Remove Duplicates From Datatable?
  13. How To Delete Sheets From An Excel File Programmatically?
  14. How To Transpose DataTable?
  15. How To Compare Two Excel Files Of The Same Format And Get Matched Data?
  16. How To Find Common/Uncommon Rows Between Two Datatables – In UiPath
  17. How To Include HTML table In Mail Body With Dynamic Values – UiPath


  1. How To Get The Latest File From A Folder?
  2. How To Delete Multiple Files?
  3. How To Get Specific Type Of Files From A Folder?

Text & List Manipulations

  1. How To Read/Write To Text File?
  2. How To Define Dictionary, Add Items To Dictionary and Access Items From Dictionary?
  3. How To Use Regular Expressions(Regex)?
  4. How To Initialize Array/List?
  5. How To Trim/Clean The String?
  6. How To Split A String?
  7. How To Find Common/Uncommon Values Between Two Lists?
  8. How To Check If A String Is A Numeric?
  9. How To Get The Word Count From A String?
  10. How To Convert List To Array?
  11. How To Reverse A String?
  12. How To Convert SecureString DataType To String DataType?


  1. How To Retrieve E-mail Body/Subject/Sender Details?
  2. How To Download Specific Files From A Mail?
  3. How To Reverse A Received Mail List?

DateTime Operations

  1. How To Find The Date Difference(Days, Months and Years)?
  2. How To Compare Time?
  3. How To Get The Day Count Of The Month?
  4. How To Convert DateTime To String?
  5. How To Convert Milliseconds To TimeSpan?
  6. How To Convert TimeStamp To 12/24hrs Format?
  7. How to Convert String To Date Time – UiPath

UiPath Specific Topics

  1. Introduction To UiPath Licensing
  2. UiPath Data Types – Complete Guide
  3. Difference Between Variable And Argument
  4. How To Execute Macro?
  5. How To Execute Python Script?
  6. How To Use Callout Activity?
  7. How To Extract Text From Image Using OCR?
  8. How To Extract The Data From A XML file?
  9. How To Use Excel As Database?
  10. How To Extract The Data From A JSON?
  11. How To Use Retry Scope Activity?
  12. How To Use Invoke Code Activity?
  13. How To Trigger A Process Using .bat File?
  14. How To Use Rethrow?
  15. How To Execute PowerShell Script?
  16. Text-To-Speech Example
  17. REFramework Templates For Different Input Types
  18. UiPath’s Integration With Twilio – Send SMS, Make Call or Send Whatsapp Message
  19. UiPath’s Integration With Splunk – Dashboard
  20. How To Use UiPath Orchestrator Webhooks
  21. UiPath’s Integration With GIT Version Control – A Easy Guide
  22. UiPath Orchestrator APIs – Quick Guide
  23. RPA-Best Practices for Project Structure
  24. UiPath StudioX – A Quick Quide
  25. How to take a screen shot of the selected area on the screen – UiPath
  26. How To Encrypt And Decrypt The Data – UiPath
  27. How To Use Invoke Method Activity – UiPath
  28. REFramework Template Explaination -UiPath

Interview Questions

  1. UiPath Interview Questions – Part 1
  2. UiPath Interview Questions – Part 2
  3. UiPath Interview Questions – Part 3

RPA Developer Stories

  1. Robotic Process Automation Journey – Shivani Gupta

Practise Use Cases

  1. Practice Use Case – 1
  2. Practice Use Case – 2
  3. Intelligent Automation – UiPath & Python Integration: Amazon Pricing Use case