UiPath Introduction – A Complete Guide

With the tool gaining a lot of attention in the recent days, you might be curious about knowing the in detail.

Let’s see

1.UiPath Introduction
2.UiPath Architecture
3.UiPath Products

1.UiPath Introduction

UiPath is a leading Robotic Process Automation(RPA) tool helping many organizations to automate their business processes efficiently.

It can be helpful to automate any number of processes which are repetitive tasks by nature and doesn’t require any cognitive intelligence .

The tools drag and drop functionality of activities and its simplicity has made it easy to adapt.

2.UiPath Architecture

Architecture can be divided into two parts as Client side and Server side
Lets have a glance at it…

UiPath Architecture RPA.png

Client Side :
It involves the Studio and the Robot.

Server Side :
It consists of Orchestrator, SQL server and Elastic search on a broader level.

3.UiPath Products

UiPath consists of three components namely Studio, Robot and Orchestrator.

  • UiPath Studio : Studio is the IDE where we design our processes using activities and coding
  • UiPath Robot : Robot executes the processes that have been developed using Studio, hence it is also known as runner.
  • UiPath Orchestrator : UiPath has got its own orchestrator which is available as a web application, which helps us in deploying, monitoring, scheduling and logging the processes.

UiPath RPA Components Products.png

The best thing with UiPath is its community edition which it provides for free and it also provides the Enterprise edition with a trail period of 60 days as of this writing.

Hope this article has helped you…

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